Professional Chemical Tanker Drivers and Employees Celebrated

This has been a remarkable year for our family-owned tanker trucking company. Our fleet of hard-working professional men and women deliver the goods that keep America moving. As a transporter of liquid chemicals, Highway Transport delivers key ingredients in essential items like shampoo, paint, or diapers. It takes a huge team to plan the sophisticated loads that move liquid cargo throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

With an on-time delivery rate above 98%, our load planners factor in extra time, slower speeds, and even the “slosh” of a liquid. Tanker truck loads are delivered on time, safe, and well presented at delivery with a professional chemical tanker driver. Tank wash technicians not only make sure all tanks are safe, but they also provide one of the cleanest, shiniest fleets on the road. 

American Trucking Associations logo and Highway Transport tanker unit
Highway Transport tanker unit and National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Logo by ATA (American Trucking Associations)

Mechanics work in our shops to ensure that tractors are well-maintained. Fabricators and welders make sure tanker trailers at-the-ready. At Highway Transport, we recognize the importance of our tanker drivers, and their immeasurable dedication is deserving of our praise, recognition, and appreciation. If you think Highway Transport sounds like the right place for you, our fleet is in search of new, qualified team members, and we’d love to meet you! 

Highway Transport employees at cookout under awning in Houston, Texas
Highway Transport service center in Houston during employee cookout.

If you are an experienced CDL driver, consider the chemical tanker industry. Complete this short application

Are you a mechanic interested in working in a safe, stable environment with great benefits? Apply for Highway Transport in a non-driver role. Join our mechanic team or join our company as an equipment cleaning technician who ensures we have one of the best-looking tanker fleets on the road. 

drivers and employees under awning at Pittsburgh service center
Highway Transport Pittsburgh service center employees gather for a pizza lunch and employee gifts during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

employees having lunch at Highway Transport Baton Rouge
Highway Transport drivers and employees at special lunch at Highway Transport facility in Geismar, Louisiana