Highway Transport's Expansion in Pittsburgh

The skills of our professional chemical tanker drivers make Highway Transport stand out among companies in the bulk liquid chemical industry. Pittsburgh, PA, workers stand out in the rankings of top talent in the country. Highway wants to be a part of Pittsburgh’s new business model and their spirit of growth. Currently, Highway Transport has a great service center in Coraopolis, PA, with 12 drivers on Service Center Manager Roxann Buchtel's team.

Now Highway Transport is shining a spotlight on Pittsburgh growth! We are increasing our tanker trucking loads in Pittsburgh, and we will use this expansion model in new markets. Be on the lookout for new scenes supporting this regional effort. With an intense culture of safety and a 70+ year legacy, Highway Transport moves into the Pittsburgh market with an eye on expansion. Recruiting chemical tanker drivers is part of that expansion. Apply now if you are interested in being a tanker driver for Highway out of Pittsburgh. 

Highway Transport Tractor on Pittsburgh Yard
Sunset scene of a Highway Transport tractor on the Pittsburgh yard. Photo by Roxann Buchtel.

Meet the Not-So-New-Kid on the Bulk Liquid Block

Highway Transport has been established in the Pittsburgh area for some time, just quietly taking care of business. Soon, though, our company will become more noticeable through the use of advertising and activities throughout the region. The series of ads conveys Highway’s reputation for quietly, humbly going about the sophisticated technical steps involved in hauling liquid bulk specialty chemicals while simultaneously receiving accolades from the Responsible Care® organization for superb performance and safety record. This is what differentiates Highway Transport as "the best bulk liquid carrier you've never heard of." 

Check Out Our Pittsburgh Capabilities

Discover more info when you visit HighwayPittsburgh.com. Buchtel and Janet Newman, two of Highway’s fantastic Women in Trucking, made many great connections at the recent March Madness Event with the Chemical Association of Pittsburgh. Also check out our “Pittsburgh Bound” Pinterest board, which began when we were just getting started in the Pittsburgh area. This is a great way to view scenes that illustrate how Highway Transport delivers on Our Promise of chemical tanker loads that are safe, on time, and well presented at delivery. "Of all the company locations of Highway Transport, Pittsburgh will serve as a our model for safe growth while providing bulk liquid transportation services." says Buchtel.