Best Life Hacks for Truck Drivers

Driving a truck is a line of work that deserves every bit of respect. Truck drivers spend hours and hours being stuck in a small truck cabin, away from their family for weeks or sometimes even months. When you have that much time to spend only with yourself, not being able to do anything else but drive, you want to find creative ways to make that experience more enjoyable. With that in mind, here are some of the best life hacks for truck drivers! 

Organize your "work environment" 

Since you will be spending most of your time behind the wheel, you want to make it as efficient as possible. Make sure your cab is organized so that you can keep both hands on the wheel. 

Zero Distractions™ 
At Highway Transport, every truck driver’s office is the highway, so the tanker trucking industry has a vested interest in eliminating distracted driving. Federal laws already prohibit truck drivers from using a mobile device while driving, and most companies will terminate employees who are caught in violation of this regulation. The trucking world knows the dangers on the road, and we’ve taken steps to fight against them. But National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) organization doesn’t think that’s enough.
Highway Transport wants to help end distracted driving in ALL vehicles. Commit today that you will drive with Zero Distractions™. Highway Transport encourages everyone to not only take the pledge but download and sign the pledge. After printing and signing, mail your form to NTTC. 

Stay hydrated at all times 

One of the best tips for truck drivers is to always stay hydrated. The temperature in the cabin quickly goes up, and if you are not taking enough water you may have health issues that will lead to an accident. 

Fix your interior to repel sunlight 

It is best not to have a lot of the color black in the interior of the driving cabin, as it attracts light. When the hot sun arrives, protect yourself from sun damage. 

How to cool yourself down 

Finding clever ways to cool yourself down is crucial. If you have a cooler, put ice cubes in a towel and wrap it around your head. Furthermore, you can also pour water on the wheel to cool it down. Finally, you can purchase small mobile fans for your cabin. Still, the main tip is to always make sure your air conditioning system is fully operational.
Use sunsets and sundown to take a break 

Taking a break is as important as eating or drinking water. Do not risk your life and the life of others by driving for 15 hours straight. 

When it comes to the most enjoyable times to take a break, it is most definitely during sunsets and sundown. The sky looks beautiful, and there is a sense of calm at that time. Use that and enjoy it. 

Keep snacks within arm’s reach 

There is no need to take unscheduled breaks when you are hungry. It is best to have some snacks prepared just in case. Plan your routes with good food in mind.

We are sure that all truckers know where to eat good food. Nevertheless, we want to underline this tip because it provide you with an opportunity to do something enjoyable while working. Since you know your driving route, always look for good places to eat and rest. 
Did you cross a lovely bay bridge? Perhaps there's a park or picnic area nearby? Ask yourself: Should I consider marking that as a place to check out in the future? Is it permissible to have my truck in that area? Taking a moment to be near the water can have a calming effect.

idea: take a walk

Find ways to entertain yourself during loads and unloads 

Killing time during long loads or unloads can sometimes be hard. Have in mind that you can always play a game on your phone, read a book or a magazine, or take a walk. Still, it is important to understand that this is another opportunity to take a break. With that in mind, only entertain yourself with something that will keep you relaxed. Breaks are a good opportunity to control your stress. 

idea: power off your device and get some air

Try to drive with straight posture 
Most drivers forget themselves, especially when driving long hours. Still, it is important to keep your posture straight when driving and protect your back. You can create a reminder on your phone every 15-20 minutes, or set the seat in such a way that won’t allow you to bend your spine. 

The importance of emergency toiletries 
We are sure you had more than one occasion where you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of nowhere. If that already happened to you, you are probably already following this tip. For those who still haven't experienced the joy of going to the bathroom in nature without toilet paper, this rule is for you. 

Always keep toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, and other necessary toiletries close to you. You never know when you might need them.

Remember to stretch from time to time 

Highway Transport tanker truck drivers benefit from having a Rolling Strong health coach one call away. Whether using the Rolling Strong app or talking directly with a health coach, Rolling Strong keeps Highway Transport driver health at the forefront. Coaches are happy to lead Highway Transport drivers through a series of quick stretches. 

There is a fantastic movie with Sylvester Stallone called Over the Top. He plays a truck driver who competes in an arm-wrestling competition while trying to get custody of his son after his wife died. In one of the scenes, he explains to his son how important it is for a truck driver to stretch out and exercise on a daily basis. 

While you can watch the movie for a dose of excitement and motivation, we advise you to also take inspiration from it and google stationary exercises you can do on the road. 

Think About ALL the types of trucking there are in the world 

If you already drive a truck, there are many types of trucking you might consider. Flatbed is a very unique type of trucking. You can easily find additional work in the moving industry, working for companies like Verified Movers, etc. This is good for a couple of reasons: 
• you are working with serious customers 
• you have insight into moving dates ahead of schedule so you can organize yourself 
• a major number of relocations are local, so you can finish the job quickly 

Or you may find the benefits of tanker truck driving to be more alluring. 

Keep a spare key on you at all times 

You don't need the experience of locking yourself outside of the truck and having to break in. Prevent that by keeping a spare key on you at all times. 
Protect your health during winter 

When winter comes, it is easy to spread germs. Always make sure you are eating healthy, have warm spare clothes in the cabin, and check that your truck has all the winter gear for general safety. Keep yourself healthy during winter! 

Fight Coronavirus by any means necessary 
There is no point in discussing the best life hacks for truck drivers if you fail to protect yourself against the most dangerous virus of today - Coronavirus. 
While you are in no immediate danger while driving, you never know when you will have to make contact with another person. Hang a face mask on your door so it reminds you to put it on when leaving the truck. Also, keep hand sanitizer in a compartment on the door. 

 It's not about the destination, but about the journey! The list of the best life hacks for truck drivers would not be complete without one of the most famous sayings of all time. Remember to enjoy the journey, and make it a unique experience any time you can. Many destinations are out there! Have a safe time on the road!